This. pastrami.

new york inspired.  Home-Grown Omaha.


It's Still the Water.

In the Original Location of Noli's Pizzeria, we are introducing the birth of the 'brother' restaurant, Ansel's Pastrami and Bagels.  Our bagels and bread are made using the same filtration system which delivers the mineral content of the New York water, a key ingredient that makes the flavor and consistency of Noli's crust really stand out.  In fact, the signature Noli's Roll is our pizza dough, baked sandwich-style in the Stone oven.  And don't worry, you can still enjoy Momo's Poppyseed at Ansel's. And, our Bagels are boiled in Scriptown Nut Job for an authentic malty local flavor.

Cure. Spice. Smoke.

The vision began with the love of a good Pastrami sandwich.  We use an All-natural piedmontese beef and cure for weeks, then rub with flavorful spices and give a good smoke, until the meat melts in your mouth with pastrami flavor.

Our other sandwiches fall in line with the same love for a really good bite.  We have a rotating list of flavor-inspired sides and house cucumber pickles to round out the plate.




Lunch Items only for now, Call for Breakfast Items

Can begin orders at 8am






4007 Farnam St
Blackstone District
Omaha, NE 68131



Tues-Sat 7:30-4p

Sun 10a-2p